Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Human We Trust. - Chapter 1

A sudden impact sent him flew up into the air and landed hard on the solid road. He did not know what just happened to him. His friend had successfully crossed to the opposite road. He was almost there when something hit him. He couldn't feel anything at this moment. He couldn't move. Laying there on his side. Breathing hard. Terrified. It took him awhile to feel the pain. A different kind of pain that he never experience before. This is different from being hit by wooden stick by the little human. He whined in pain but he couldn't move his hind leg.

His friend sensed something was wrong with him. His friend came over and to check on him but unsure of what to do. His friend tried to comfort him. He touched him softly with muzzle but he couldn't stop the pain.

He did not know how long he has been laying there in pain. His loyal friend never wonder far away from him. Sometimes he'll come and lay beside him. Fast moving objects on the road never stop. He laid there in pain but he know he have to go. His friend encouraged him. He couldn't feel his hind legs but his front legs are just fine. Something in him told him that he have to stand up. He tried to move his hind legs but he couldn't. All he have now is his front legs. Putting all the strength he has on his front body part to sit up and support himself, he move slowly away from the busy roadside. He drag himself slowly, inch by inch. He did not know where was he going. He couldn't see clearly which way to go but he knows he have to move. He didn't know that he is going to fall down into the drain.

Pitch dark. The next thing he know, he was in a big drain. He tried to sit up. His friend approached the drain and barked at him, as if asking whether he is alright. His friend whimpered and tried to get him out but he got no hands like human. All his friend could do is just sit there and accompanied him.

Help came at last. A lady human looked down into the drain. He saw her. Lady human moved away and came back with another human. Human jumped into the drain and spent some time with him before touching him. Human talked to him softly and he know this human is different. He can trust this Human. Human wrap some clothes around him and carried him out from the drain gently with the help of lady human outside the drain. He was in pain and he was not sure what was happening and he didn't know what human will do to him. Human carried him into the fast moving object. A minute later, his friend is with him. In the fast moving object.

When he felt the fast moving object had stopped moving, the human moved him into an enclosed area with all sorts of smell. Smells of other dogs, smells of pee, smells of human, smells of substances in the air that he don't know what are those. A mixture of everything. He didn't like it. He was laying on a board.

Another human came over and inspected him. This human didn't spend time with him. A total stranger. He was not sure whether this human can be trusted. He was afraid. This human was touching him here and there. Inspecting his injuries. Lady human was comforting him. Suddenly he felt a pain from his side, and so he snapped at the source of his pain. He accidentally snapped at human lady's finger. He was only protecting himself and reacting to the cause of pain. He didn't intent to harm the kind lady human.

He was then put into a cage. His friend in another. He did not know what will happen next. He did not know whether he would be able to walk again. He did not know what will human do to him next. But he know his fate is in human's hand.

He was a lucky one. Many died on the spot and left unattended. Such is the life of a street dog. Nobody care. Only a few does. Their life is tough but they are tough. Some could still survive for days and months on their own even though they became paralyze due to accident. First time ever, he understand that not all human are bad. First time ever, he experienced love from human. First time ever, he experienced trust on human. He has met his human.


Wendy said...

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planning to write more?

kaven said...

hahha thank you for the invisible 'like'. This 1 inspired by true story. Yeah definitely will write more when inspiration knock on my door.

sib said...

love reading this. please continue writing =)